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Welcome to my blog about a subject I am very passionate about: food.

Growing up in a health conscious family, I constantly heard my parents telling me to shed some pounds. I never listened to them because I didn't think that there was anything wrong with my weight. During my 16 year physical check up, the doctor told me I was becoming overweight. That was the wake up call that I desperately needed. For the first time, I looked in the mirror and saw my body. Seeing my reflection, I vowed to reach a healthy weight, which I accomplished through exercising and changing my diet. Along my weight loss journey, I learned many things about food, which I hope to pass onto my readers and inspire them to lead a healthy life.

How do I come up with my recipes?
Let's get this straight: I have no experience in the kitchen whatsoever. I just cook for fun because I love seeing how food takes on different tastes and textures when combined with different ingredients. Now on to the question. I like to take popular foods such as pancakes and pizza and make the healthiest version possible, using fresh and nutritionally packed ingredients. My goal is to create food that I will not regret eating once the plate is clean. Provided that I have some of my favorites food such as cottage cheese, greek yogurt, and oatmeal always stocked up in my house, you will most likely see at least one of these ingredients in my recipes. I will admit that it does take a while to come up with recipes because I try to eliminate butter, which is found in almost all recipes especially desserts! Foodgawker is definitely the website where the whole thinking process begins.

What does Eat to Nguyen mean?
My friends tease me about being healthy. They always tell me that my lunches are "foreign" to them because they consist of a variety of fruits and vegetables. Since my last name is Nguyen, which sounds like the word win, one of my close friends came up with the title Eat to Nguyen for a future cookbook. Because I cannot cook a decent meal, I just decided to use it for the name of my blog.

My other tumblr: Nick and Nat

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